Partnership Program

Offering an alternative for advisers in times of uncertainty and putting you back in the driver’s seat.

For many Planners, the constant tide of change and new challenges imposed across our industry in recent years meant having to make the decision to sell and leave behind a business they worked hard to build. A business that requires the planner to not only stay abreast of the multitude of investment, personal risk and other financial products, but the skill to build report and trust as they grow their client base. In a lot of cases a client base that took many years to build.

With little choice, the decision to sell is often made quickly and for a fraction of the values seen not long ago.

As such, we identified a need to provide a service for Advisors that gave them breathing space, allowing them to step back without selling their business therefore maintaining ownership of their client base while determining the best way to move forward.

How does it work.

Book is assigned to an experienced Financial Planner

The day to day management of your book is assigned to an experienced, trusted Financial Planner accredited with Consilium Advice.

You still own the business and your clients.

Allowing you to take back full management of your business and your clients should you make the decision to return to planning in the future.

Your income continues.

You receive 50% of all income generated for as long as you want us to manage your clients.