Consilium Advice Sydney

CA is prepared for and well positioned to adapt to the future financial services industry requirements. We operate under a personal advice model, yet allow for a limited advice client management and welfare protection.

Consilium Advisory (CA) is a privately owned business and holder of an AFSL number 424974 registered since 2012. We are a national business with a portfolio of advisor extending to all states and territories of Australia. We are part of a diversified financial services, business advisory and investment management group.

Our advisors have access to full array of complimentary business services through our innovative partnership program.

CA embracing the change in our industry, we look forward to helping, wherever is possible, to those that put their trust in us and choose to partner up with CA.


Mike O’Dea


I am certain that I echo the thoughts of many when I say I cannot remember a more challenging time in our industry. A period where, for several years it seemed that every other day we would wake to another challenge.

Events such as a Royal Commission would see many across the industry put under the spotlight with a level of scrutiny never seen before, whether deserved or not. .

We learnt of decisions that would further increase our compliance obligations in an industry already heavy with regulation. The rise and fall of the FASEA organization left in its wake the need to undertake substantial studies that would allow us to continue to practice. FASEA also brought an end to the traditional way in which we earned our incomes as we ushered in an era of Fee for Service.

Together the combined force of events meant we had to watch on as our incomes, and the value of the business that we worked hard to build, diminish to such levels that it would dramatically affect our future plans. For many, the headwinds of recent years would prove too difficult resulting in them making the decision to leave the industry altogether.

While there are still some hurdles to clear, we are starting to see signs that the tide may be turning and that a period of opportunity and renewed energy, often seen following a period of consolidation and rationalization, may be just around the corner. While we cannot predict the future or give a guarantee, we put our faith in the learnings from the past and we have quickly set about strengthening the Consilium business where needed, in an effort to place us in the best possible position to help existing and new advisers in our group capitalise on newly available opportunities.

I am proud to lead a business and a talented group of individuals through this challenging environment with innovative and leading operation moving forward.

I am proud of our quality services and training to advisors and look forward to helping all those who put their trust when they choose to partner up with Consilium Advice.”.