Consilium Advice Sydney

Rocket Fuel for Today’s Planner

Whether you’re a financial planner looking for a new home or perhaps you’re someone looking for advice, you have come to the right place.

Consilium Advisory (CA) is a privately owned business and holder of an AFSL number 424974 registered since 2012. We are a national business with a portfolio of advisor extending to all states and territories of Australia. We are part of a diversified financial services, business advisory and investment management group.

Our advisors have access to full array of complimentary business services through our innovative partnership program.

CA embracing the change in our industry, we look forward to helping, wherever is possible, to those that put their trust in us and choose to partner up with CA.


There’s no denying the increased focus on compliance over recent years.

Consilium has a well-established, robust audit program in place where you can expect to have your files reviewed with timely constructive feedback given on a regular basis.

In addition, we provide regular training in all aspects of compliance as well as direct access to the compliance team.

Together, Let’s get it right…

You’re our Focus.

While It’s imperative that we deliver on the services you have a right to expect from your Dealer Group today, we believe it’s just as important to look ahead towards future opportunities for advisers as well as identify any potential challenges we might need to meet as early as possible.

Smart and safe remains the focus.

One Team.

As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. We also believe that a good idea should be heard. And we all have our goals and aspirations.

So, from the moment you join Consilium, you are part of a team where every player has a voice and an idea worth hearing.

If we hear it and we listen properly then we might all arrive at the right place just a little sooner!

It makes sense.